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International Criminal Court: Qadiani decides American war crimes against Muslims in Afghanistan will be “deprioritised”

Executive Summary The United States of America sanctioned the previous ICC prosecutor after she included the Americans within the investigation. Since then a British nominated Barrister, Karim Khan QC, has been appointed to the role in the ICC’s first secret ballot.  He has close links to “Lord” Ahmad of Wimbledon and both are members of […]

Extremist Sufi Imran Hosein, Takfir of Uighur Muslims & the UAE Connection

A controversial video of Imran Nazar Hosein has emerged in recent weeks, attacking Uighur Muslims and casting doubts over the well-documented Chinese oppression taking place in East Turkestan.  Hosein, the extremist Sufi has become well known for his false claims, peddling of wild conspiracy theories and newly invented interpretations of the Qu’ran and Sunnah (the […]

Saudi Arabia: Further Restrictions on Islamic Activity

Gulf News has reported that the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call & Guidance has issued a number of edicts in recent days placing further restrictions on Islamic activity within the Kingdom. Attack on Sunni Religious Freedom In its latest chilling attack on the religious rights and freedoms of the majority Sunni Muslim population, the edicts […]

Syria: Iran & Shi’a Terrorists Cause Ceasefire Collapse

Fared Al Mahlool, an independent journalist based in Syria has reported that the fragile ceasefire reached in Daraa al Balad on Wednesday (1 September 2021) has already collapsed.  The end of the truce is blamed on new conditions, unacceptable to the inhabitants of the province, imposed by Assad’s militias that are acting under Iranian influence […]

Kabul: Right to Raise Voice for All Muslims Including Kashmir

The new Afghan administration’s spokesperson Suhail Shaheen (@suhailshaheen1) has reportedly stated in a BBC Urdu interview on 3 September 2021 that it has the right to raise its voice for all Muslims in Kashmir, India or any other country. “As Muslims, we also have a right to raise our voice for Muslims in Kashmir, India […]

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